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OMG: Hillary says she ‘wants to be president’ and will decide on 2020 after midterms

(National SentinelNarcissist in chief: Hillary Clinton is like the proverbial bad penny: She just won’t go away, no matter how many times she gets beaten in her never-ending quest to be president.

The woman who couldn’t walk up a short flight of stairs, nearly fell out of a vehicle and coughed her way through her last campaign told Kara Swisher of Recode at the 92nd Street Y in New York City initially that, “no,” she wouldn’t run again.

But then…Swisher managed to get Clinton to concede that, yeah, she still wanted to be our president as she ticked off her ‘list of qualifications’ including her meaningless experience as a U.S. senator and corrupt secretary of state.

The interview also covered a wide range of subjects including Clinton blaming Facebook over her 2016 loss, as noted by Recode’s report.

“Hillary Clinton took some fairly strong shots at Facebook and its chief executives on Friday, telling Recode that social giants like Facebook would ‘have to be held accountable’ with regulation after the 2016 election.

“The former Democratic presidential candidate was disadvantaged by the influence campaign plotted by the Russians that played out on Facebook [oh, brother — that Russia thing again], and Clinton said she felt Facebook was overwhelmed by it. Clinton’s comments were notable in part because she weighed in on some of the executives who are responsible, such as Sheryl Sandberg, who is a close friend of hers,” the site reported.

“I think that the companies themselves are going to have to be held accountable,” Clinton told Swisher on Friday, listing ways she would further regulate companies like Facebook. “They would have to recognize that’s what’s happening now is far beyond anything Mark Zuckerberg thought about in his dorm at Harvard.”

Some things never change: Democrats believe “government regulation,” not the free market, solves all problems, and Hillary Clinton is still blaming Russians, social media, the boogeyman and everyone else but her for her loss to POTUS Donald Trump (who would handily beat her again -> you read it here first!).

Of course, that assumes that Democratic voters would support her or that her party would cheat again to ensure she won the nomination.


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2 Comments on OMG: Hillary says she ‘wants to be president’ and will decide on 2020 after midterms

  1. f hitterly clit 2020, go away satin scum

  2. Why does this women simply Seppuku dozo onegaishimasu, and if she does not know what that means, let he ask the Japanese Embassy and they may lend her the implements to do it.

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