(National Sentinel) Dem Violence: As the Left-wing “establishment” media chides POTUS Donald Trump to ‘tone down his rhetoric’ following the horrific Pittsburgh synagogue shootings on Saturday, the same disgusting hypocrites refuse to condemn their ideological soulmates for perpetrating acts of violence against Republicans.

As reported by local WFTV, police say at least four shots were fired through a window into the Volusia County GOP HQ, and though nobody was hurt, it’s just the latest violent act directed at Republicans.

Here’s the report:

The head of the Volusia County GOP called out Democrats specifically for being responsible, though police have no suspects as of yet.

That said, he makes a great point when he notes that “no Republican” would do something like that.

You could refute that and say that the so-called “MAGA Bomber” was a Republican who resorted to ‘violence.’ Fair enough, though the devices he sent to prominant Democrats and CNN were a close to an explosive as the device you’re using to read this story.

There’s also this fact: The Left, not the Right, has been instigating and/or calling for violence since before POTUS Trump got elected in November 2016.

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