(National Sentinel) The Left: A Homestead, Fla., man is under arrest after threatening to kill U.S. GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo on Twitter, even as the Left-wing Democratic base is blaming POTUS Donald Trump for violence in America.

As reported by WFOR-TV, the suspect’s name is Pierre Alexandro Verges-Castro. He’s been accused of tweeting, “I will kill Carlos Curbelo.”

Roll Call added that Curbelo’s office discovered the threat early last week and turned the matter over to the Capitol Police for investigation.

That led them to post additional security to his Washington, D.C. and Florida offices as a precaution while beefing up security at public events Curbelo attended.

According to WPLG-TV, police arrested Verges-Castro on Thursday and charged him with written threats to kill or do bodily harm. He becomes just the latest Left-wing lunatic to threaten or physically harm a Republican officeholder or candidate.

““Political intoxication is making some Americans more prone to both verbal and physical violence. It’s a serious crisis and we all have to do our part to put an end to it. Not sure what’s more disturbing; the fact that someone tweeted this or that 4 accounts liked it,” Curbelo tweeted.

As we reported in June, Left-wing violence — not Right-wing violence — has become the ‘new normal’ in our society.

The New York Post reports:

Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia bought body armor. Rep. Gregg Harper hired armed security guards for events back home in Mississippi. And Rep. Dan Dovonan fortified his Brooklyn and Staten Island offices with security cameras and buzzer systems.

This is the new normal for members of Congress. …

The threats against them have skyrocketed.

In 2016, there were 902 threatening incidents and communications against members of Congress. By 2017, the reports had more than doubled to about 2,000, according to the House Sergeant at Arms office.

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