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One year later: John Huber’s probe of Obama FBI-DoJ abuse of power produced nothing?

(National SentinelMystery: It’s been a year since Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed “top prosecutor” John Huber from Utah to probe ‘alleged’ abuses of power by the FBI and Justice Department during the Obama administration as those actions related to the scandal collectively known as “Spygate.”

But hardly anyone’s heard from him since, and that includes key witnesses whom he should have interviewed by now — but hasn’t.

And many of them are anxious to tell him their story, the Washington Times reported Friday.

In fact, Huber has also kept Congress in the dark.

“I would just like to know what he’s doing,” Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, told The Times. “I’ll take anything. All I know is that we haven’t heard a single thing about what he’s doing.”

Presumably, then, Sessions hasn’t updated Congress on the progress of the investigation either. Indeed, Jordan — along with House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., sent the AG a letter last week requesting an update, the Times said.

Meadows wants Huber to appear before Congress to provide some updates into his investigation — if he’s got any to give.

“I have not seen a lot of evidence that Mr. Huber has done anything other than be appointed by Jeff Sessions,” he said. “It’s been portrayed that he’s making great progress, but I’m not sure there is a whole lot to show for it other than rhetoric right now. I’m not aware of any substantial work that he’s doing.”

As we reported in May, DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz said there was “reasonable grounds” suggesting that the FBI and Justice Department broke laws during their investigation — such as it was — into Hillary Clinton’s gross mishandling of classified emails, which are felonies.

We reported again in August that Huber had yet to interview key witnesses in the case including top-ranking DoJ official Bruce Ohr, who appears to have been neck-deep in Spygate. We noted:

In March amid calls for him to do something to get to the bottom of the Obama-era abuses of the FISA court to spy on POTUS Donald Trump’s campaign by the FBI and Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Utah-based U.S. Attorney John Huber to the task.

In the months since, we’ve not heard much about Huber — about what he’s investigating, who he’s investigating, and what progress, if any, he’s made thus far.

As the Times notes, additional key figures in Spygate have also not yet been contacted by Huber, including onetime 2016 Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, whom the Obama FBI secured a FISA court warrant to place under surveillance beginning in September 2016.

“I have been willing to speak with anyone who wants to talk,” Page told the paper.

Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge said in August that GOP lawmakers have noted some of Ohr’s testimony about the dossier and its author, Christopher Steele, doesn’t line up with previous testimony by former FBI lawyer and anti-Trump texter Lisa Page and Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS.

So, in Sessions’ absence and knowing that special counsel Robert Mueller is only focusing on getting POTUS Trump, many of the president’s supporters have been counting on Huber to bring some wins (in the form of indictments) for the home team.

Where is he? What’s he doing?

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4 Comments on One year later: John Huber’s probe of Obama FBI-DoJ abuse of power produced nothing?

  1. Anything Sessions has been directly (or indirectly) involved in has turned into a black hole.

  2. The assignment of Huber in Utah was merely another diversion as part of the criminal obstruction by the DOJ. Ryan has been a great asset to the conspirators by greatly hampering the House investigations.


  4. There are only two possibilities here. One is that huge machines of justice are working in the background and that progress will reveal itself after this election and come into full swing beginning in the new year or nothing will happen. Do you know Trump? Do you trust him? Of course you do. We bet America on his skills. Patience.

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