(National Sentinel) Build It: The head of the National Border Patrol Council approves of POTUS Donald Trump’s efforts to boost border security ahead of the expected arrival of thousands of mostly Central American migrants at the southwestern U.S. border in the coming weeks, but he doesn’t think deploying the military is the answer.

Rather, council president Brandon Judd said, what needs to happen is that Congress must pass new laws and provide funding for the president’s promised border wall.

“It’s going to help, but not for the reason that people think,” said Judd regarding the president’s instructions to the Pentagon to send 800 regular Army troops to assist with logistical support at the border.

“It’s going to free up our resources to be able to ensure that the cartels do not create a profit the way they did on the last caravan,” he told Breitbart News Radio on SiriusXM Thursday night.

He went onto note that current U.S. asylum laws are inadequate and have to be reworked because they are being abused by migrants.

“The fact of the matter is, if somebody puts one foot into the United States, I have to take them into custody,” said Judd. “And if they say, ‘I want asylum,’ then it kicks off the asylum process, and ultimately they’re going to be released [into America]. Now, they don’t have to be released.

“There’s nothing under law that says we have to release them, but we don’t have the holding facilities to hold the number of people that are going to cross the border illegally,” he said, adding that if Congress won’t authorize the wall or change the law then larger holding facilities are going to be needed.

He also said past U.S. actions have led to the formation of the current caravan.

“If you look at the last caravan, what they did is [play] a high stakes game of poker with the United States government back in April, that first highly publicized caravan. They said, ‘We’re coming. Stop us. We don’t believe you have the political will to do it,'” said Judd.

“They crossed the border illegally, we ended up releasing them, and because of that we now have a caravan that’s three or four times the size of the original caravan, and if they get away with it, we’re going to see another caravan that’s going to be just as big or bigger. That’s the problem that we face today.”

The NBPC chief said that under current law, U.S. border officials can only hold children for 20 days and then they have to be released.

He said if kids are not separated from their parents, then all of them must be released. And he says migrants know all of this.

“What we know is if they think they’re going to be held and they think they’re going to be ultimately deported, they’re not going to come, they’re not going to risk it … but because we do not hold them, that is the magnet that is driving these people to come here,” he added.

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