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That time Obama agreed with POTUS Trump on halting illegal immigration

(TNSHypocrisy: POTUS Donald Trump has been adamant about his desire to substantially curb illegal immigration into the United States, as emphasized by his push to be a “big, beautiful wall” along as much of the U.S.-Mexico border as possible.

Prototypes for his wall have been built and the president is in the process of securing funding for it — even as he prepares to implement a new trade agreement with Mexico, if Congress approves it, that would actually see Mexico paying for it as the president promised.

Though his critics call POTUS’ quest for a wall racist (it’s not), the president has been clear about why he wants it:

— It will help curb illegal immigration and allow those who come into our country legally a better, fairer shot at eventually becoming American citizens;

— It will dramatically improve national security and end invasion threats like the one currently posed by the growing migrant caravan trekking towards our border;

— It will cut down on the importation of illegal drugs that are killing Americans by the tens of thousands;

— It will reestablish American sovereignty.

All of these are good reasons to secure our borders.

And do you know who used to agree? None other than Barack Hussein Obama (when it was convenient).

POTUS Trump dug up an old video of Obama criticizing illegal immigration and laying out a number of reasons why it’s bad for our country then tweeted out, “I agree with President Obama 100%!” (Spoiler alert: He could be POTUS Trump in 2018)


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