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Pa. Dem congressional candidate Scott Wallace said ‘dogs are smarter than police officers’

(TNSAnti-American: Yet another Democratic congressional candidate has demonstrated how hostile his party has become to law enforcement officers who put their derrieres on the line for so-and-so’s like him every day.

The Washington Free Beacon exclusively published audio of Pennsylvania Democrat congressional candidate  Scott Wallace, who is running in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district against Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, saying that “dogs are smarter than police officers.”

Not even kidding.

Wallace was talking to a constituent when the audio recording was made. The recording was then sent to the Free Beacon by a voter who wished to remain anonymous and who “isn’t thrilled with” POTUS Donald Trump and wanted to give Wallace a chance.

Not anymore. The voter told the Free Beacon that Fitzpatrick would now get the vote.

Wallace’s comment came during a conversation about school shootings and arming teachers. Someone he was talking to said “teachers are smarter than police officers,” which, of course, is not necessarily true, when Wallace responded, “Dogs are smarter than police officers.”

He and Fitzpatrick have traded barbs over Wallace’s previous anti-police comments, the WFB reported.

Here’s the audio:

Wallace’s campaign complained in a response to the WFB that the comment was taken out of context.

Sure. And Democrats are police officers’ best friends.

Today’s cops are some of the best-educated ever, just like members of the U.S. military. They don’t become officers because they ‘don’t have any other options,’ most do it because they want to serve.

Why, after hearing someone like Wallace speak, we’re not sure, but thank God they’re there manning the thin blue line.

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1 Comment on Pa. Dem congressional candidate Scott Wallace said ‘dogs are smarter than police officers’

  1. STEVEN D VISEK // October 24, 2021 at 11:18 am // Reply

    The only thing I think we can be sure of?
    That dogs are smarter than Democrat Scott Wallace.

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