(TNS) No Gotcha: Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani said Monday that POTUS Donald Trump’s one-time campaign manager Paul Manafort has not been providing any evidence that incriminates the president during his many hours spent with special counsel Robert Mueller.

POTUS has kept a joint defense agreement with Manafort despite the fact that the former GOP operative has entered into a plea deal with Mueller in September.

Giuliani told Reuters he talked to Manafort lawyer Kevin Downing last week, who said that his client had not provided anything to Mueller that is damaging to the president.

“He’s just telling me the conclusion that he’s not in a conflicted position with us,” Giuliani said.

“If he wants to communicate information, Manafort, he’s allowed to do that. There’s nothing that stops him from doing that,” added Giuliani. “All I’m interested in is: Is there anything we need to know with regard to us?”

The Daily Caller reported further:

Manafort has met at least a half-dozen times with the special counsel’s office since entering a plea deal on Sept. 14.

Manafort was convicted in Virginia on Aug. 21 on money laundering and bank fraud charges related to his work for a Ukrainian political party. He entered a cooperation agreement with Mueller just before he was set to go to trial in Washington, D.C. on illegal lobbying charges for the Ukraine work.

There had been some speculation that Manafort was providing information to Mueller that could be damaging to POTUS Trump, but apparently, that’s not the case.

So that means that Mueller’s probe has even less relevance now than it did in the beginning, when there was no valid reason for it.

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