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POTUS trolls CNN: If Facebook uses a ‘fake news filter, will CNN go out of business?’

(TNSToo true: In recent months Facebook and other social media giants have said they plan to roll out new tools ostensibly aimed at preventing other countries from using their platforms to “meddle” in U.S. elections, but which could also be used to silence voices espousing a certain political viewpoint they don’t like.

In recent days, Facebook announced it was implementing a new ‘fake news filter’ as a means of screening out allegedly bogus reporting from so-called ‘questionable’ sources. Of course, this roll-out comes after the platform and others like Twitter and YouTube have been systematically censoring conservative, pro-Trump voices.

POTUS Trump took to Twitter to troll the news network he loves to hate (and for good reason) — CNN — in reference to Facebook’s new filter.

“Facebook has just stated that they are setting up a system to ‘purge’ themselves of Fake News. Does that mean CNN will finally be put out of business?” he wrote Sunday.

“Facebook revealed to The New York Times that it has a team of nearly 20 people whose tasks will include monitoring and deleting potentially false political information posted to appear as news,” The Daily Caller reported.

The fact is that Facebook made algorithm changes months ago that have resulted in the systematic suppression of conservative, pro-POTUS voices and reporting. And by ‘pro-POTUS,’ we mean reporting that accurately reflects on the president, which includes his many accomplishments (job and economic growth, slashing of red tape, refuting the “Russian collusion” lie, etc.).

This latest ‘fake news’ filtering will be nothing more than an expansion of the algorithm changes to suppress conservative voices that Facebook’s perpetually triggered Leftists find offensive.

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