(TNS) History Repeats: As the Book of Ecclesiastes notes, there is nothing new under the sun, and conservative actor, economist, and commentator Ben Stein understands the concept well.

That’s why he recently compared the behavior of today’s Leftists to those of Nazi-affiliated Brown Shirts of the 1930s.

Specifically addressing how a group of Left-wing lunatics harrassed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, at a Kentucky restaurant over the weekend, Stein — who is also Jewish – told TMZ at Politicon in Los Angeles that Leftist protesters are wading into fascistic territory.

“Disgusting mob rule,” he said, the Washington Times reported. “Antifa is becoming like the brownshirts in the early days of the Nazi Party. Very, very disgusting, shocking behavior — stunningly horrible.

“I consider it violent — to go to somebody while he’s having a meal, and take the meal away from him and throw it away — I consider that as close to violence as I want to get,” he continued. “Democracy in action is voting, it’s not violence, it’s not taking people’s food away from them and throwing it away. These people are gangsters, they are mob gangsters, they’re not decent people.”

The TMZ interviewer claimed that “right-wing” members of Proud Boys and other groups have also engaged in violence, and while Stein condemned them as well, it should be noted that Proud Boys and members of Patriot Prayer have only begun defending themselves after being repeatedly attacked by Leftist Antifa members.

“Anybody using violence or threats of violence or any kind of sudden action to deny people of their rights or their peace of mind is disgusting,” Stein said, the Times reported.

“I am a big student of World War II and the rise of the Nazi Party, and this is exactly how the Nazis started out,” he added.


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