(TNS) At Home: To demonstrate just how far Left the Democratic Party has moved these days,  U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, running for retiring Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat in Arizona, is not just supported by the American Communist Party, she’s getting campaign help from it.

The Epoch Times reports that Joelle Fishman, head of the Communist Party’s Political Action Commission, said that the party has become active in races “in two states where a Republican seat can be flipped: AZ (Flake’s seat), TX” (Sen. Ted Cruz — who’s actually up over Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rouke by several points).

Sinema has represented her Phoenix district as a ‘moderate’ in recent years or an ever-so-slight conservative. But it truth, she’s a hard-core Leftist who once said she had no problem with Americans joining the Taliban.

The Epoch Times notes further:

During her term in the Arizona state legislature, for example, Sinema was a founder of the leftist Progressive Caucus. Sinema has helped lead numerous leftist national boards, including the Center for Progressive Leadership, Progressive States Network, and the Democratic Socialists of America-affiliated Progressive Democrats of America (as the only state legislator on the board).

While angering many of her previous progressive colleagues for her willingness to work with Republicans on occasion, some Arizonans attribute her new image more to ambition than ideological conversion.

Which is, of course, evidenced by the fact that Communists are backing her.

And why wouldn’t they: A recent profile in the Arizona State University school newspaper, Sinema’s alma mater, political science major Judah Waxelbaum “described Sinema as a very progressive Democrat that does a really good job marketing herself as a moderate.”

“I think Kyrsten Sinema is as far to the left as it gets. She is the definition of a modern progressive Democrat. It doesn’t get any further to the left,” Waxelbaum wrote.

Sinema’s association with the Communist Party USA isn’t a flirtation. In 2003, she was signed onto an advertisement, “May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings,” that appeared in the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World, on May 4, 2002.

The Democrat Party may as well just adopt the Communists because their platforms are the same: Government control, authoritarianism, and violence.

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