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Limbaugh predicts: GOP to hold House, expand majority in Senate

(TNSBold: Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that Democrats “deserve” to lose the 2018 midterms while going on to predict that the GOP would not only hold onto the House but also expand its Senate majority.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity, Limbaugh said he believes “there are things yet to happen” that will “determine the outcome for some reason we don’t know,” adding that made election results hard to predict.

He also said he believes that the way in which Democrats assassinated the character of Justice Brett Kavanaugh using women who alleged he sexually assaulted them 35-plus years ago without any corroborating evidence only helped Republicans.

Limbaugh also said he doesn’t trust establishment media survey data because “they all want [POTUS Donald] Trump gone, and I don’t know how you take that out of your [survey] work.”

Hannity then put Limbaugh “on the spot” for a “prediction.”

“We hold the House and we increase the Senate,” Limbaugh said, “because I think that’s justice. I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest electoral defeat in my lifetime — just based on the things they have done in the last month.”

Limbaugh has a point about survey data and mainstream media polling: All of it, save for a few like Rasmussen Reports, had Hillary Clinton winning big in 2016.

And we know how that turned out.

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  1. What we’ve seen in the months after 2016 proves that there should be mental health, intelligence, and literacy exams required prior to voting OR breeding. Also, property ownership and paying your own way should be mandatory. THAT would solve all of our problems.

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