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GOP playing ‘hardball’ in rush to confirm POTUS Trump’s court picks ahead of midterms

(TNSGit ‘er Done: Senate Republicans are moving quickly and using hardball tactics in a push to get as many of POTUS Donald Trump’s federal court nominees confirmed before the midterm elections.

As reported by The Hill, “the tactics are the latest sign of the escalating tensions and growing polarization on judicial nominees in a Senate where emotions are still raw and bases in both parties are ginned up after the fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In what was considered an unusual move, Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans are holding a pair of hearing on circuit and district court nominees though the chamber is in recess until Nov. 13.

Just four of the committee’s 21 members were at the first meeting earlier this week, The Hill reported, as one circuit court nominee and five district court nominees were questioned. None of the committee’s 10 Democrats were in attendance, nor was the panel’s chairman, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

The committee will hold another recess hearing next week for two circuit court nominees.

Republicans are brushing off media inquiries regarding the hearings, telling reporters if Democrats wanted to question nominees they should have arranged to be at the hearings.

“This schedule was agreed to by the chairman and the ranking member, so if somebody on the Democratic side is upset they need to take it up with Sen. Feinstein. She agreed to all this, at least that’s what Senator Grassley tells me,” said Sen. John Kennedy R-La., one of two senators who stayed for the entire meeting.

While Republicans are likely just playing it safe, there is little polling data to suggest Democrats are going to control the Senate after the midterms next month.

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2 Comments on GOP playing ‘hardball’ in rush to confirm POTUS Trump’s court picks ahead of midterms

  1. I LOVE IT!! About time we see powerful people elected to do a job, DO their job even if it means ‘working overtime’. This non-participation we are witnessing in any number of instances by Dems is not serving the American Republic to which they were elected and swore an oath to serve will ultimately destroy this iconic Party. What replaces it is unknown and therefore, frightening to think on.

  2. Yes, it’s hardball. Republicans have finally learned to play using Democrat strategies. Democrats understandably don’t like it.

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