(National Sentinel) Counterpunch: Sean Hannity hit back at Sen. Ben Sasse on Tuesday over criticisms aimed specifically at the Fox News host that the Nebraska RINO included in his new book, “Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal.”

Over the course of about 20 pages, Sasse took Hannity to task claiming that his programs are “not to promote a particular conservative agenda, or to encourage American patriotism, or even to offer coherent arguments against liberalism,” but “his core cause is to rage.”

To Sasse, according to The Daily Beast, Hannity’s shows are just “polititainment” that revolves around a single concept: “Liberals are evil, you’re a victim, and you should be furious.” He also described his interactions with Hannity as “unusually unpleasant.”

“Hannity tells a lot of angry, isolated people what they want to hear,” wrote Sasse, according to The Daily Beast. “And he has the delivery down to an art form. We’d all be better off, as would our communities, if we understood the game he and his colleagues—on both sides of the spectrum—are playing.”

Sasse, who has been extremely critical of POTUS Donald Trump and Republicans in general, did accuse “both” parties for using media exaggeration for political gain. “He compared right-wing outlets’ penchant for obscure campus-outrage stories with left-leaning media outlet’s stories on racist comments made by relatively unknown Trump supporters,” The Daily Beast reported.

The news site also got a response from Hannity.

“Unfortunately, I went to bat for Ben Sasse, who has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today. He totally conned me like he conned the people of Nebraska,” he said.

Hannity also tweeted his regret for supporting a “useless” Sasse a year ago.


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