(National Sentinel) Red Wave: A noted pollster says that because of unhinged Democratic attacks on the character of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and POTUS Donald Trump’s successes in turning the country around, it’s becoming increasingly likely that Republicans will keep control of the House in the November midterms.

“There’s 63 million Trump voters out there who came out in 2016 to vote for us. That was our strategy, to bring millions of new voters from the Rust Belt and the heartland out, to get them to vote for President Trump,” GOP pollster John McLaughlin predicted Monday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

McLaughlin, who worked as a pollster for the 2016 Trump campaign, said in response to a question from Ingraham about why he thinks the GOP will retain control, “Because of President Trump,” Lifezette reported.

He added that typically midterm elections see about 90 million Americans vote, less than during a presidential election year. But this year, he said, both parties are trying to energize their base to boost turnout.

“The Republicans, to win all they have to do is run a campaign to say, ‘We have to stop Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues from giving us open borders, raising taxes, killing jobs, government-run health care,” McLaughlin said.

“The Democrats are trying to get the anti-Trump vote out, and we’re trying to get the Trump voters out,” he said. “And the Kavanaugh Supreme Court fiasco was really about a Democrat effort to suppress our vote.

“What [Democrats] really wanted the president to do was to either withdraw [Kavanaugh’s nomination] or the Republicans not give him the votes to pass,” McLaughlin said, according to Lifezette. “And if that had happened, millions of Trump voters would have stayed home.”

“So what’s happened? It’s backfired on [Democrats]. Even ABC today has a battleground poll saying the Republicans are up one in the generic ballot in the 66 targeted districts that are most contested in the House,” he continued.

In addition to keeping the House, Republicans have a real chance to not simply keep the Senate but actually expand its majority, as the “Kavanaugh effect” has boosted GOP candidates in several races against incumbent Democrats.

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