(National Sentinel) Rock Steady: POTUS Donald Trump pushed back against claims that his White House is in constant “chaos” during a previously recorded interview with “60 Minutes” that airs Sunday night.

In the interview with correspondent Leslie Stahl, the president labeled those reports “fake news” and insisted that his administration was stable and focused despite media reports to the contrary.

“I’m changing things around. And I’m entitled to,” POTUS said when Stahl asked him about all of the departures that have occurred during his first two years.

“I have people now on standby that will be phenomenal. They’ll come into the administration, they’ll be phenomenal,” he said, adding that there are “some people” in his Cabinet he’s “not thrilled with” while he’s perfectly satisfied with others.

Stahl then asked the president about reports that Defense Secretary James Mattis is planning to leave soon as well. POTUS Trump responded: “Well, I don’t know, he hasn’t told me that.”

“I have a very good relationship with him. I had lunch with him two days ago. I have a very good relationship with him. It could be that he is. I think he’s sort of a Democrat if you want to know the truth,” POTUS said of the retired Marine Corps general.

“But General Mattis is a good guy. We get along very well. He may leave. I mean, at some point, everybody leaves. Everybody. People leave. That’s Washington.”

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced last week that she would be leaving her post at the end of the year. She pushed back against claims that her departure is due to friction with the president, who — during a press conference announcing her departure — offered her any position she wanted if she decided to return at some point.

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