(National Sentinel) Fake News: “Mainstream” journalism in the age of POTUS Donald Trump has devolved from a semi-trusted source of information into a full-blown propaganda apparatus for the Democratic Party, as evidenced by an admission from New Yorker chief Washington correspondent Jane Mayer regarding allegations of sexual abuse against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Mayer, along with reporter Ronan Farrow, ran with a story last month containing allegations by Deborah Ramirez, who claimed that Kavanaugh exposed his genitals to her face at a house party sometime in 1982.

But according to a statement Mayer made in an interview with Elle magazine, it’s obvious that she and Farrow really had not corroborated Ramirez’s story but rather were running her allegations in case it turned out that Kavanaugh really was a serial abuser.

Her reasoning? Because she’d ‘seen this before’ during the Clarence Thomas hearings in the early 1990s (when he was also falsely accused of sexual misconduct by Anita Hill).

“So having watched this before, I knew that key issues would be whether the judge had a pattern of similar behavior since that helps establish who is telling the truth when there is a standoff and whether there were credible corroborators on either side,” she told the magazine.

“Knowing this is why Ronan Farrow and I were so alert to the significance of other accusers, such as Deborah Ramirez. Her allegation showed that, if true, yes, there was a pattern of misconduct, and likely another side of the judge.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Ramirez acknowledged being drunk, “foggy” and “slurring her words” at the time of the alleged incident, and needed six days of “carefully reassessing her memories” before going on the record with The New Yorker. While some classmates said they had heard of such an incident happening or thought it was possible, no one could directly confirm her story.

Other Yale classmates said it was not true and the notion was “completely out of character” for Kavanaugh.

Even The New York Times reported it could not corroborate Ramirez’s allegations. The paper also reported that Ramirez contacted former Yale classmates to see if they remembered the incident, adding she “told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.”

It should be noted that once upon a time in former America, facts regarding allegations were verified by more than just one course before they were published.

Not anymore. Nowadays, as far as the Left is concerned, simple allegations without corroboration will suffice if it means smearing a conservative or Republican seeking higher office.

It should also be noted that Mayer, Ronan, and The New Yorker obviously believed that Kavanaugh would not seek legal action against them for slandering his good name.

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