(National Sentinel) Red Wave: Despite reports and questionable polling that indicates the House may go back to the Democrats — we don’t believe them, mind you — Republican leaders see opportunities to pick up Senate seats and are now going on the offense in key races the party believes it can win.

Fox News reports that with less than one month before the November midterms, several Senate races are trending away from Democrats and toward the GOP, reinvigorating the party and convincing Republican leaders they can expand their slim majority in the upper chamber.

“The GOP’s chances of flipping key seats currently held by Democrats in Trump-won territory seem to be improving — especially in North Dakota, where incumbent Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is slipping further behind GOP challenger Kevin Cramer,” Fox News notes.

At the same time, the GOP’s positions are strengthening in races that Democrats had hoped to win. Political analysts say that the Dems’ concerted efforts to flip seats in reliably red states mean the party has neglected critical races in Midwest and battleground states in a miscalculation similar to what happened in 2016.

“Three pivotal Senate races have shifted in the GOP’s favor in Fox News’ latest Power Rankings, with Texas and North Dakota now considered likely Republican wins, and Tennessee changing from a toss-up to the lean-Republican column,” the network noted.

In Texas, where Democrats have pinned their hopes on Rep. Beto O’Rourke upsetting Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican incumbent has opened a 9-point lead according to the most recent Quinnipiac survey.

“Senator Cruz would have to suffer a major collapse for him to lose” his Senate seat, said Peter Brown, the poll’s assistant director.

The so-called “Kavanaugh effect” has also weighed heavily on Democrats after the party went full-on scorched earth in their bid to keep Justice Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court with dredged-up salacious but uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault from more than three decades ago by women who are only believable to far-Left hacks.

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