(National Sentinel) Excuses, Excuses: CNN host Don Lemon should stick to doing what he does best — hosting a little-watched TV program on a little-watched cable news channel and leave the constitutional expertise to others.

During a discussion about “mobs” on his program Tuesday, Lemon defended the violence and lunacy of angry Left-wing mobs that have assembled in places like Portland, Ore. and in Washington, D.C., recently to ‘protest’ Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and freedom in general.

At one point, Lemon told his lone ‘conservative’ guest, network contributor Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast, to “shut up” while he lectured about the First Amendment.

The confrontation began as Lewis argued that liberals refuse to condemn the mob behavior while noting that members of the Tea Party “didn’t hound people out of restaurants.”

“I’m waiting for liberals and intellectually honest liberals to admit that when you harass Ted Cruz at a restaurant, that is also mob-like behavior. Why is it that I’m willing to concede that Donald Trump is a bad person and that’s mob behavior, but I never hear liberals come on and concede that,” Lewis said.

“The Tea Party did hound people. The Tea Party people hounded me when I went out to cover them! And do you know what I said?” Lemon shot back, as Zero Hedge reports. “It was their right to do it because they’re Americans!”

Okay, we were around during the Tea Party movement’s beginnings and we never — ever — heard of any instance where Tea Party members “hounded” anyone, let alone a journalist. These people were (and are) respectful, law-abiding, and not the sort of folks who engaged in confrontation.

“Don, if they started following you around a restaurant and running you out of places…” Lewis began to respond, but Lemon interrupted with, “But that doesn’t mean that people don’t get to object,” adding “That’s your right as an American to object. It’s covered in the First Amendment. It’s like the first one!”

The arguing continued until an angry Lemon (libs always get angry, don’t they?) implored Lewis to “shut up,” so he could lecture.

“In the Constitution, you can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it in a restaurant, that you can’t do it on a football field. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it on a cable news you can do it wherever you want,” said Lemon. “To call people mobs because they are exercising their constitutional right is just beyond the pale,” Lemon said before going to break.

Really, Don? Then why do people have to obtain licenses from city governments in order to hold rallies if they can “protest whenever and wherever” they want?

What’s more, there is a difference between legitimate forms of protest and harassment, the latter of which is, of course, illegal.

As for his excuse of the Left’s mob-like behavior, how does anyone with an IQ over 10 not call this kind of behavior the actions of a mob?

Lemon is a typical Leftist in that he will find a way to justify any bad behavior as long as its directed at conservatives and supporters of POTUS Trump. He’s not a journalist, he’s a sycophant and he’s part of the problem in America today.

The good thing is that hardly anyone ever sees his nonsense.

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