(National Sentinel) Supporter: Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh said during his program Tuesday that Americans were extremely fortunate to have POTUS Donald Trump in the White House because he’s not only pushing back against the swamp and deep state, he’s proving to be a tough adversary for the Left.

In particular, Limbaugh said that POTUS’ rock-ribbed defense of his Supreme Court nominee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, wasn’t something that Democrats expected when they launched their smear campaign against the former federal judge. They didn’t think Kavanaugh would hang in there under withering assaults on his character, either.

“The Democrats are not stopping. The fight’s not over to them. The Democrats are openly promising to impeach Kavanaugh. They’re openly promising to continue to investigate Kavanaugh,” said Limbaugh, noting that usually when a justice is confirmed that’s the end of it and the political battle is over.

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The No. 1 talk host also praised POTUS Trump’s proclamation that Kavanaugh is “innocent” of the allegations of sexual assault made against him by women who were, in all likelihood, either in on the smear scam or were being exploited by Democrats.

“Just calling them out! Trump is right: This is not done. Normally when you get to the ceremonial swearing-in, you follow the script and all of that is in the past. It’s not to be referenced again. The fight is over; everybody acknowledges that the result is the result and we’re moving forward. Except that’s not the way it is anymore,” Limbaugh said.

He added:

[Democrats] are openly talking about the packing the court if they win the House of Representatives, to the power Kavanaugh has as the fifth so-called conservative justice on the court. They’re not pulling back at all. This isn’t anywhere over, and so Trump is calling them out. And I’m telling you, folks, this is crucial. I can’t think of any former president that would ever do anything like this. In defense of his nominee, in defense of his principles, I can’t think of one who would do it.

It’s just as important that Trump do this as it was important when Trump, at a rally, explained to the American people what the American media had not told them when he recited the essence of her testimony. When the Drive-Bys said that he was mocking Dr. Blasey Ford, he wasn’t mocking. He was simply informing the American people what the media was holding from them: She couldn’t tell anybody where it happened! She couldn’t tell them when it happened; she wasn’t sure where the house was.

Limbaugh also said he’s never seen the country as divided as it is today and that the president clearly believes we are a battle to save the country “as founded” from the insane Left who want to turn America into something the founders never wanted or envisioned.

“To me, it is the seminal issue that we all face. We’re talking about nothing less than the survival of the country as we know it. I mean, America’s always gonna be here; don’t misunderstand. But this country surviving as founded,” he said.

“We are under assault; it has never been worse.”

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