(National Sentinel) Last Laugh: Now that Justice Brett Kavanaugh has taken his rightful place as the newest Supreme Court member, he’ll be involved in decided several cases involving the Trump administration’s many legal battles with deep blue states.

Included in those cases are emissions standards and various environmental issues, illegal immigration, and the Internet.

While ‘abortion’ isn’t on that list (yet), gun rights, religious rights, and other ‘thorny’ issues are bound to come up as well, and the court’s constitutionalist make-up means that the winner will be our small ‘r’ republican form of government bequeathed to us by our founders.

And while Kavanaugh has a well-earned reputation as a conservative judge, he made it plain he believes the hell he and his family were put through over the past two weeks was ideologically driven — by the Left.

The Western Journal reported:

He lashed out against “left-wing opposition groups” and others during the recent Senate hearing over a high school-era sexual assault allegation, raising questions about whether he can be impartial deciding cases that revolve around Democratic policies or that directly involve Democratic officials.

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Kavanaugh already was known as a conservative judge. But his partisan rhetoric created new worries for some who will bring or support cases that eventually could come before the nation’s highest court.

“I have even greater concerns about his judicial temperament and his ability to independently weigh cases that may involve the Trump administration,” said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, a Democrat who has joined more than a dozen lawsuits against the administration.

Democratic states are in scores of legal battles with the Trump administration over health care, the environment, consumer protections, immigration and other issues. Marquette University political scientist Paul Nolette has tallied 61 times that states have banded together in lawsuits against the Trump administration.

While Kavanaugh may be conservative politically, what makes him such a valuable asset to our legal system is that he’s first and foremost a rule-of-law constitutionalist.

Take immigration. So-called “sanctuary city” policies that shield people in the country illegally from federal immigration authorities are aiding and abetting a criminal act, period. These jurisdictions should lose if their cases make it to the Supreme Court; immigration is a federal responsibility and given the Constitution’s supremacy clause these cases should be open-and-shut.

Ditto for gun control laws. The Second Amendment doesn’t come with caveats excluding “assault weapons” or limiting the carry of weapons to red states and cities.

The Judicial Branch was envisioned by our founders to be the least powerful, but today it has become the most powerful. Laws are challenged in federal court even though they were constitutionally passed; a president’s executive orders are challenged despite following existing federal law. It’s out of control.

With Brett Kavanaugh’s help, hopefully, a balance will be restored to our system of justice and our constitutional order. That, and electing far fewer Democrats.

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