(National Sentinel) Divisive: Well, someone dragged a $20 bill through Harlem and lo and behold, Al Sharpton showed up.

The well-known race hustler appeared — where else? — on NBC Friday as it looked apparent that Judge Brett Kavanaugh would become Justice Brett Kavanaugh to take a shot not just at POTUS Donald Trump but his [growing] legions of supporters.

“I think that we’re dealing with a bully,” Sharpton said of the president. “Let’s not forget these people would go to church and then go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality. And that’s what we’re seeing today.”

Just. Wow.

First of all, if there have been any lynchings lately, we sure haven’t heard about them and we’re pretty sure we would have.

In fact, the only attempted lynching recently was figurative, when Democrats attempted to ‘lynch’ Kavanaugh with baseless, uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault from women who, frankly, should be investigated and potentially prosecuted for perjury, along with their hack Democratic lawyers.

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Secondly, Sharpton is too much of a coward and a race baiter to be honest with himself and Americans when it comes to the issue of whites lynching blacks (enter KKK reference here). The party of lynching and the KKK was the Democratic Party – his party. In fact, the only reason why he’s a member of the Democratic Party today is because they ‘allowed’ him to be.

The Republican Party, while not perfect, was the party of abolition.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party doesn’t have ‘means-testing’ for membership; anyone can join because the GOP doesn’t cater to specific ethnic groups and demographics like the Democrats do.

Sharpton’s history is as wrong as his rhetoric is divisive and disgusting. Someone should tell him the 1960s called and they want their slogans back. And we should remind him that without Republican help, the Civil Rights Act would have never passed.

There hasn’t been a need for Sharpton’s brand of racial activism in decades. Yet, the “mainstream” media feeds his stone racism and provides him every opportunity to rip the scab off old social wounds so that they never heal.

Democrats will always have a base of equally angry, race-baiting loudmouths and white apologists, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

What the rest of the country can and should do, however, is ensure that they, and their garbage party, remain forever in the political minority.

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