(National Sentinel) Danger Zone: Thanks to New York Democrats and their sanctuary city policies, rich folks living in The Hamptons are now building “safe rooms” so they can protect themselves from marauding bands of MS-13 gang bangers, most of whom are in the country illegally.

The New York Post reports that “some of the priciest properties in the country” are being transformed “into fortresses equipped with bulletproof glass, weaponry and panic rooms.”

“I sleep with a gun underneath my pillow: a Walther PPK/S, the same one James Bond carried,” John Catsimatidis, owner of Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods, who has a vacation property in East Quogue, told the Post. “[My wife] Margo prefers a shotgun. Although, once, she thought she heard something, got the shotgun out and shot through the door.”

The Post noted further:

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The billionaire and his family, like others in the Hamptons, are shaken up over concerns that the vicious Salvadorian gang MS-13 is too close for comfort. In April, members of the gang massacred four young men behind a soccer field in Central Islip. Three months later, a Hampton Bays brothel raided by police was found to be tagged with an MS-13 sign. And in 2016, a man with MS-13 connections broke into a Southampton home and sexually assaulted a woman.

Last year, Southampton Town Police Chief Steven Skrynecki publicly expressed concern that the gang might spread further east. When he deployed police equipped with antiterrorism gear, including automatic weapons, along the perimeters of summer 2017 charity galas, locals took note.

One Hamptons resident who requested anonymity told the Post she recently added hidden cameras and bulletproof glass to her mansion.

“[MS-13 is] in Suffolk County,” she said. “What’s an hour car ride? They are near.”

Gary Blum, president of Armored Entry, a company that installs bulletproof glass and secure doors told the paper that his business is booming.

“The home-security business is very event- and news-driven,” he told the paper. “We get business when there is a tremendous amount of fear being generated.”

Single windows can run as high as $6,000, but they can’t be breached even with a sledgehammer.

“People used to open up their garages and show off their Lamborghinis,” Herman Weisberg, managing director of the personal-security firm Sage Intelligence Group, told the Post. “Now they take guests to the wine bar in their safe room.”

One project recently cost a family $100 million.

“That sounds like a lot but there is nothing I know of, human or manmade, that could possibly harm this family for three generations, including global nuclear holocaust, a pandemic or a second Ice Age,” said Weisberg. Also, he added, “It’s like a Ritz-Carlton underground.”

While it’s understandable that those with the means want to protect themselves and their families from this emerging threat, we can only hope that one of the ‘weapons’ these people and others in New York will use is the ballot box, because this problem has the Democratic Party’s fingerprints all over it.

Even with home fortresses people still have to venture out — to work, to shop, to seek entertainment, and so forth. So hiding from the problem won’t make it go away.

Voting out Democrats, however, will make it go away a lot faster.

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