(National Sentinel) Scathing: In a major win for our constitutional republic, Brett Kavanaugh became the 114th Supreme Court justice Saturday after the Senate confirmed him on a narrow, highly partisan 50-48 vote.

The manner in which Democrats attempted to not simply defeat the nomination but to destroy the nominee disgraced our country and disgusted tens of millions of Americans. But one woman, in particular, was especially angered by the process, and it’s someone who knows something about the confirmation process: Adele Scalia, the late justice’s daughter-in-law.

While Justice Scalia was known as a rock-rib constitutional conservative, his daughter-in-law is not.

“I’ve always considered myself politically moderate: I am unapologetically pro-life, but my views on affirmative action, Black Lives Matter, and gun control made me sympathize strongly with Democratic perspectives and occasionally led to arguments with my husband and father-in-law,” she wrote in The Federalist.

Mrs. Scalia relates to — and favors — much of the identity politics espoused by the Left. She’s a woman, of course, and a “person of color,” as well as an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago. As she said in her op-ed, she’s never been completely at ease with the GOP for a number of reasons.

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Much has now changed, thanks to the treatment of Kavanaugh by the Democrats. “I have become a unicorn,” she wrote.

“All it took was Democrats’ treatment of Brett Kavanaugh over the last few weeks to turn me into that elusive creature: a minority, immigrant woman who supports Republicans,” the former attorney and current stay-at-home mom noted.

She said what she witnessed over the past weeks has “convinced me that Democrats are not who they claim to be.”

“The party that established itself as a champion for the voiceless, powerless, and wrongfully accused, betrayed its values and launched a vicious attack on Kavanaugh that left him voiceless, powerless, and completely incapable of defending himself,” Scalia said.

Which was the point, of course.

She made an observation that few have: Though Democrats pretend to support and stand up for the rights of those who stand accused when it involves urban minorities, they then betray their principles when it comes to supporting a conservative white male.

In other words, not only are Democrats massive hypocrites, they’re racists as well.

“Against all logic and good faith, they released uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct to the public, counting on the backdrop of the ‘Me Too’ movement to make them that much harder to criticize or ignore. I still cannot reconcile these actions with the social and criminal justice reform platforms that Democrats campaign on,” she wrote.

Then she dropped this bombshell: She is now feeling compelled to become a U.S. citizen so she can vote — for Republicans.

“These events opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party,” Scalia wrote, in summary of the issue.

Talk about your #WalkAway moment.

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