(National Sentinel) Game, Set, Match: The Democrats showed their true colors — again — over the past two weeks by debasing the judicial confirmation process with gutter accusations of sexual misconduct by non-credible accusers.

It was the Left’s latest effort at destroying yet another institution — another pillar of government — by turning the process into a nightmare few people will want to subject themselves to in the future.

Nevertheless, thanks to the insanity, Republicans had a good week, as noted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham Friday night after the full Senate voted to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination to a confirmation vote on Saturday, McConnell stuck it to Democrats and gave them some counsel they will very likely ignore:

Mitch McConnell: “I think we reaffirmed that in this country you’re presumed innocent. Presumption is in favor of innocence. We also learned that you should not allow mobs to intimidate you. I think it unified us… Made us excited for the November election. It was good for the American people to see that these people were stood up to and didn’t get away with it. They did not win. That’s the most important thing…

This is a paragraph of content.

Laura Ingraham: How radical has the Democratic Party of today become?

Mitch McConnell: It’s a pretty wild bunch. I mean it’s pretty clear they were willing to do anything, say anything to try to win. No boundaries.

Laura Ingraham: You still have close friends in the Democratic caucus after all of this or emotions pretty raw?

Mitch McConnell: I think we’ll get past it in terms of relationships. But, it was a tough period. I hope they learned a lesson. You can do this kind of thing but it doesn’t necessarily get you to victory.

It’s hard to imagine having your “friends” do what they did to you and your party and your nominee — to say nothing of the institutional damage Democrats did to the Senate last week — and not remember it for some time to come.

As for learning lessons, the insane Left doesn’t learn them. The Democratic Left doesn’t care how many institutions they have to blow up or what political processes they have to rip apart, they will do it in their naked pursuit of power.

That’s the lesson to be learned here, and actually, it’s Republicans who need to learn it.


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