(National Sentinel) Winning: The Democrat-generated clown show surrounding the confirmation of one of the most brilliant minds to be nominated for the Supreme Court in decades, Brett Kavanaugh, got the bulk of news headlines this week, but there in the background was POTUS Donald Trump doing what he does — making America great again.

In case you missed it, and many did, the president had a terrific week, which means that America had a great week as well.

The old NAFTA agreement that created a “giant sucking sound” of manufacturing jobs out of the United States for decades has been replaced with the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA. (Spoiler Alert: Reform Party candidate Ross Perot said the same thing in 1992 that POTUS Trump said about NAFTA in 2016).


Remember when everyone, including former President Obama, was mocking POTUS Trump when he claimed he could rework those deals in the mold of Perot circa 1992? No one in the elite Washington establishment believed he could get it done. And yet did. Now it’s on Congress to approve it.

What say you now, Mr. ex-President, with the lousy 1.8 percent GDP average economy with 5 percent unemployment?

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“This updated trade regime with Mexico and Canada will mean auto-industry jobs will return to North America from overseas. By 2020, cars sold in the US that have fewer than 75 percent of their parts made in countries other than the US, Canada, or Mexico will face tariffs. This percentage under NAFTA was 62.5 percent,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote at Fox News.

“By 2023, 40 percent of the work done on cars made in the US, Mexico, and Canada, will have to be completed by workers making at least $16 an hour. Additionally, companies, particularly those in Mexico, will have to operate under new environmental and labor regulations that are more in line with regulations faced by companies in the United States,” he added (now go back and listen to Perot circa 1992 again — and note to Obama: Billionaire businessmen just know these things).

This is something that is unheard of in the modern Republican Party: A conservative-leaning president who actually has labor chops. NAFTA at its core is about labor — and typically labor has been a Democratic stronghold. Yet it was Trump, not Obama, who got this done. And it was Clinton, not a Republican, who signed NAFTA into law. How, exactly, has labor benefitted from Democrats, other than rhetorically speaking? Democrats talk a good labor game, but it’s Trump who’s delivering for labor — and in other countries as well.

There are also new provisions protecting intellectual property, Gingrich notes.

“This will mean a great deal to American manufacturers and innovators. Drug companies, for example, spend billions of dollars to research, develop, and deploy new medications, only to see foreign countries effectively ignore their patent rights. That means US patients are providing a disproportionate share of the return on investment for biopharmaceuticals,” he wrote.

The former House speaker also points out that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) deserves some credit for the Canadian portion of the agreement. For years he’s fought to open Canada’s restrictive dairy market for U.S. and Wisconsin dairy producers; the new USMCA contains provisions relaxing Canadian restrictions, which will be a boon for Wisconsin and other dairy producers.

Meanwhile, Wall Street continues to gain, unemployment fell to 3.7 percent (full employment), wages are rising because of the low unemployment rate, and the U.S. economy is unstoppable at this point.

POTUS Trump — and most Republicans in Congress, to be fair — have created this environment. While the Left continues to try and tear our country apart, POTUS Trump and the GOP are working harder to rebuild and strengthen it, as this week has proven.

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