(National Sentinel) Set-up: The confluence of politics and hatred for POTUS Donald Trump continues to manifest itself in many ways, up to and including the suborning of perjury by a former FBI agent, apparently.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that a long-time friend of Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to accuse Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual abuse dating back 35-plus years, was pressured into changing her initial statement to the Feds and the Senate Judiciary Committee about not remembering the incident:

A friend of Christine Blasey Ford told FBI investigators that she felt pressured by Dr. Ford’s allies to revisit her initial statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, which she later updated to say that she believed but couldn’t corroborate Dr. Ford’s account, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Leland Keyser, who Dr. Ford has said was present at the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted in the 1980s, told investigators that Monica McLean, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a friend of Dr. Ford’s, had urged her to clarify her statement, the people said.

The statement to the FBI offers a glimpse into how Dr. Ford’s allies were working behind the scenes to lobby old classmates to bolster their versions of the alleged incident, as were Judge Kavanaugh’s.

McLean’s lawyer, David Laufman, said in a statement: “Any notion or claim that Ms. McLean pressured Leland Keyser to alter Ms. Keyser’s account of what she recalled concerning the alleged incident between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely false.”

Really? Then why does she have a lawyer, Mr. Laufman? In fact, why is the first thing everyone involved in accusing Judge Kavanaugh of something is to lawyer up?

Kavanaugh, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Thursday, said he had been “subjected to wrongful and sometimes vicious allegations” and that his youth had been “ridiculously distorted.”

And let’s also remember the FBI has revisited all of this — including text messages between McLean and Keyser — and found no corroborating evidence to support the allegations against Kavanaugh.

There is no reason not to confirm him. The allegations are Democrat-driven and anyone with a functional brain stem knows that.

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