(National Sentinel) Mob Rule: The far-Left, George Soros-funded Moveon.org said in an email to supporters the organization is planning “direct action” in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to disrupt the Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In a fundraising email, “MoveOn’s emergency campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh,” the group warned its plans include “direct actions in Washington, D.C., at Senate office buildings, including busing in constituents from key states.”

In particular, the email noted:

Escalate pressure on key senators, especially Susan Collins. Collins is the key swing vote in this process, and MoveOn is continuing to lift up stories from her constituents, support direct actions in Maine, and purchase ads in her state calling for her to stand with survivors, defend reproductive rights, and stop Kavanaugh.

This is a paragraph of content.

Hold Republicans accountable. We will not forget their party’s actions at last week’s hearing, their unwavering support for Kavanaugh, and their attempts to discredit Dr. Blasey Ford and others when we head to the ballot box in five weeks.

Ending GOP control of Congress and electing people who believe survivors. We will end GOP control of Congress and elect people who believe survivors and listen to women—because the fight for our fundamental rights is essential.

“Will you chip in $3 right now and help support MoveOn’s emergency campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh?” the email, which was sent out by Left-wing hack and former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, said.

The group also smeared Judge Kavanaugh, depicting him as an “accused sexual predator and right-wing anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ partisan.”

“If this isn’t a sham investigation, I don’t know what is,” Reich claimed of the completed FBI investigation that Judiciary Committee Democrats themselves had demanded even though key witness statements had already been gathered by the panel.

“In less than a week, Trump, McConnell, and Kavanaugh have managed to make a mockery of the Senate, the FBI, and the Supreme Court,” Reich whined.

Left unsaid, of course, was the fact that none of the accusers can back up their claims with any witnesses or otherwise corroborate their stories.

Left unsaid, of course, was the fact that Sen. Dianne Feinstein began plotting this earlier in the summer after allegedly receiving a letter from Christine Blasey Ford (we still smell a set-up here). And even if the letter was on the level, Feinstein didn’t do a damned thing with it — like informing the Judiciary Committee she co-chairs or ask Kavanaugh about the allegations during her meeting with him or during his confirmation hearings.

“Direct action” most often means protesting but the language is suggestive of violence. It’s offensive and people like Reich are nothing more than enablers of said violence.

As for George Soros, perhaps someday someone in our government will have the stones to go after him for sedition, which he so regularly foments.

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