Rand Paul’s wife calls out Cory Booker in op-ed for ‘get in their faces’ comment

(National Sentinel) Threats: Perhaps no one has been the victim of more political violence than Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. since POTUS Donald Trump was elected.

Paul survived a shooting attack by a lunatic Left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter in the summer of 2017, an attack that nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.

Then he was severely beaten at his home in Kentucky in November 2017 by a neighbor who claimed the attack was not about politics but nonetheless left the senator with six broken ribs and several bouts of pneumonia.

Paul’s wife, Kelley Paul, in an “open letter” published by CNN, called out fellow Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., for inciting political violence over a comment he made to an audience earlier this year in which he called on people to ‘get in the faces’ of Republicans — a dog whistle for violence confrontation:

It’s nine o’clock at night, and as I watch out the window, a sheriff’s car slowly drives past my home. I am grateful that they have offered to do extra patrols, as someone just posted our home address, and Rand’s cell number, on the internet — all part of a broader effort to intimidate and threaten Republican members of Congress and their families. I now keep a loaded gun by my bed. Our security systems have had to be expanded. I have never felt this way in my life.

This is a paragraph of content.

In the last 18 months, our family has experienced violence and threats of violence at a horrifying level. I will never forget the morning of the shooting at the congressional baseball practice, the pure relief and gratitude that flooded me when I realized that Rand was okay.

He was not okay last November, when a violent and unstable man attacked him from behind while he was working in our yard, breaking six ribs and leaving him with lung damage and multiple bouts of pneumonia. Kentucky’s secretary of state, Alison Lundergan Grimes, recently joked about it in a speech. MSNBC commentator Kasie Hunt laughingly said on air that Rand’s assault was one of her “favorite stories.” Cher, Bette Midler, and others have lauded his attacker on Twitter. I hope that these women never have to watch someone they love struggle to move or even breathe for months on end.

Earlier this week, Rand was besieged in the airport by activists “getting up in his face,” as you, Senator Booker, encouraged them to do a few months ago. Preventing someone from moving forward, thrusting your middle finger in their face, screaming vitriol — is this the way to express concern or enact change? Or does it only incite unstable people to violence, making them feel that assaulting a person is somehow politically justifiable?

She then called on Booker to retract his statement and condemn all political violence.

Of course such language incites violence. And it’s not just Booker; the crackpot crank Maxine Waters from California is just as bad if not worse when it comes to elected Democrats, frustrated at being out of power, inciting supporters to take those frustrations out on Republicans on their behalf.

That’s what cowards do. But then again, we are talking about Democrats.

Kelley Paul’s touching and disturbing letter will, of course, be completely ineffective. Booker and Waters aren’t about to change their tactics — not until Americans angry at their behavior start taking their advice and getting up in their faces.

Which may just start happening soon if they continue their rhetoric.

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