(National Sentinel) Judicial Activism: Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh said Thursday the reason why the unhinged Left has completely lost it in their efforts to stop Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is because “80 percent” of the “liberal agenda” has been foisted on our country by federal courts.

“Eighty percent, if not more, of the liberal agenda that is governing the culture of this country has not passed in our Congress or legislatures,” Limbaugh said. “Eighty percent of the destructive pop culture impulses of the American left have been forced on us by courts, and that is why all of this, among many other reasons, is so crucial that the Democrat Party.”

He went onto note that the majority of President Obama’s Leftist agenda was accomplished not via legislation but through executive orders — many of which POTUS Trump has since reversed.

“Obama got everything he wanted done via executive action and executive order, which is one reason why Trump had such ease repealing it,” Limbaugh said. “So a majority of people in this country are forced to live in a culture that they reject and yet has not been voted on.”

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The same could be said for the federal bureaucracy. When agencies issue new rules and regulations, they have the force of law without ever having been voted on and passed by the Legislative Branch. This is why POTUS Trump’s dismantling of the federal regulatory regime has been so good for the country (and the economy).

Limbaugh also pointed out what is becoming increasingly obvious: The fallacy that Left-wing Democrats and constitutionalist conservative Republicans can ever come together again.

“Now you tell me where there is common ground to come together,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful sentiment and makes whoever says it sound reasonable and heartfelt, but it’s just words as far as I’m concerned … Political issues are made out of psychological disorders, and the purpose of all that is revenge and punishment and people, the Left thinks, are standing in their way.”

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