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Capitol Police arrest Dem staffer Jackson Cosko for ‘doxxing’ GOP senators; may he rest in jail

(National SentinelPenalties: Well, well, well — it looks like Lady Justice is still alive in Washington, D.C., albeit in a much-diminished state.

Late Wednesday, Capitol Police arrested 27-year-old Democratic staffer Jackson Cosko for allegedly “doxxing” three GOP senators following the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing featuring Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his chief sexual assault accuse Christine Blasey Ford a week ago.

The victims included Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham, reported the Washington Times. All three had expressed confidence in Kavanaugh’s denials and were ready to confirm him to the Supreme Court.

According to his LinkedIn page, Cosko is a “cyber-security graduate student” who obviously needs to learn more about how to cover his cyber tracks while committing crimes online. He was arrested on multiple charges including making public restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communication, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary and unlawful entry.

Police added that the investigation was continuing and more charges could be filed, Fox News reported, adding:

This is a paragraph of content.

Senior congressional sources tell Fox News that Cosko most recently worked as an unpaid intern for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas. He previously worked with Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., and former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. He also worked or interned with the office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as with at least one other unnamed lawmaker.


You may recall Hassan’s name. Earlier this year, one of her interns yelled “F**k you, Mr. President!” in the Capitol Rotunda as POTUS Trump was making his way to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. That intern was…not suspended.

Apparently, #TrumpHate is a job requirement for perpetually angry Democrats these days.

Fox News:

The intentional publication of the information was first caught by a Twitter bot that automatically tracks any changes made to Wikipedia entries from anyone located in the U.S. Congress and publicizes them on the social media site. The bot account later deleted the tweets because the edits contained personal information. According to the bot, whoever posted the information did so from a computer in the House of Representatives.

The network reported further that aides discovered Cosko Tuesday night working on a computer at an office on Capitol Hill that didn’t belong to Jackson Lee.

Authorities arrested him at his Washington home the following day.

Capitol Police are also probing whether additional GOP senators were doxxed, including Rand Paul of Kentucky. Authorities believe that Paul and one other senator may have been targeted.

Now that someone has been busted doing something extremely illegal — computer-related crimes often carry big, fat prison sentences, along with crimes of an interstate nature — let’s hope this little Democrat turd gets a lot of time in stripes or gray if he ‘s guilty so he can think about doing something productive when he gets out in a couple decades.

Meantime, the prosecution will send a signal to the rest of the Marxist-Leftist wannabes working for Democrats on the Hill: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes when it comes to targeting your political opponents.

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2 Comments on Capitol Police arrest Dem staffer Jackson Cosko for ‘doxxing’ GOP senators; may he rest in jail

  1. Clarioncaller // October 4, 2021 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    Now find out what was written on the secret note that Jackson-Lee passed to Bromwich during the Ford testimony.

  2. Typical antics of the crazed and extremist Dems. Really. They cannot handle truth, honor, or decency. Everything from all the fake racist “hate” stuff that THEY actually committed to mae look like non progressives did, to asking homeless people to commit forgery by signing petitions under names of others, to the people they employ in IT, to doxxing Senators, etc. They just cannot win fair and square at anything! It’s always about being deceptive, sleazy and gross. If they think they are so awesome and grand, why can’t they ever be normal and do things the way rules&laws are written? Maybe they just prefer a big F-You to everything so many hold sacred and honorable.

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