Public education FAIL: Just 1-in-3 can pass U.S. citizenship test

(National SentinelAbomination: When America implemented the concept of mandatory public school attendance, the goal was to create an educated society capable of innovation, expansion, and the maintenance of self-government.

But in the modern age, thanks to academia being taken over by Left-wing ideologues, public education in the U.S. today is more like indoctrination.

Gone from the curriculum are basic and advanced civics which teach students the fundamentals of our constitutional form of government and how the republic was designed to function.

In its place are lessons about white privilege, slavery, American imperialism, bigotry, and sexism.

The constant tearing down of our institutions and the failure to teach subsequent generations about the brilliance of our founders and the form of government they bequeathed us is having the desired effect: Now, according to a new study, just one-in-three Americans can pass the same citizenship test we give to legal immigrants.

Worse, a pathetic 19 percent of adults under 45 can pass one.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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Just a third of Americans can pass a multiple choice “U.S. Citizenship Test,” fumbling over such simple questions as the cause of the Cold War or naming just one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for.

And of Americans 45 and younger, the passing rate is a tiny 19 percent, according to a survey done for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

Worse: The actual test only requires that 60 percent of the answers be correct. In the survey, just 36 percent passed.

Among the embarrassing errors uncovered in the survey of questions taken from the U.S. Citizenship Test and conducted by Lincoln Park Stragtegies

  • 72 percent of respondents either incorrectly identified or were unsure of which states were part of the 13 original states.
  • 24 percent could correctly identify one thing Benjamin Franklin was famous for, with 37 percent believing he invented the lightbulb.
  • 12 percent incorrectly thought WWII General Dwight Eisenhower led troops in the Civil War.
  • 2 percent said the Cold War was caused by climate change.

The purpose behind the survey was to make the point that Americans really needed to study history and get cued in on current events before heading to the polls next month.

“With voters heading to the polls next month, an informed and engaged citizenry is essential,” Woodrow Wilson Foundation President Arthur Levine said.

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“Unfortunately this study found the average American to be woefully uninformed regarding America’s history and incapable of passing the U.S. Citizenship Test. It would be an error to view these findings as merely an embarrassment. Knowledge of the history of our country is fundamental to maintaining a democratic society, which is imperiled today.”

Woodrow Wilson is the father of the modern progressive movement, but Levine is correct in his assessment of the importance of an educated society well-steeped in civics.

But then, the objective of the insane progressive Left has been to ‘dumb down’ generations of Americans while spoon-feeding them a perverted and often incorrect version of our history. That way, the Leftist elites can count on masses of propagandized drones to keep them in power.

That’s why Democrats so oppose school choice; they want top-down, hard-core, government-run schools because the Left owns academia and the textbooks they produce.

There is a way out of this but it’s not going to be quick or easy: The Trump administration, working with a Republican Congress, must extricate Uncle Sam from the business of dictating educational requirements and curriculum to local schools.

It may already be too late.

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