(National Sentinel) Insanity: The Marxist Left has so infiltrated academia and the sciences that now even proven facts are attacked as being ‘unfair’ to people based on their human qualities.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday that a physics professor who said “cultural Marxism” was behind the punishment of scientists who challenge the notion that “microaggressions,” “gaslighting,” and “mansplaining” are what prevent women from succeeding in STEM careers has now been suspended pending an ‘ethics’ probe:

Alessandro Strumia of the University of Pisa said many people warned him before he gave his presentation at the first workshop on “High Energy Theory and Gender” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) last week. Strumia’s talk pushed back against the widespread movement in academia that STEM fields are discriminatory toward women.

“Physics is not sexist against women,” his presentation concluded. “However truth does not matter, because it’s part of a political battle coming from outside.”

This is a paragraph of content.

“Not clear who will win,” he said.

Strumia has since been suspended by CERN for violating its commitment to “promoting diversity.” The organization also scrubbed his presentation from the workshop website. Pisa put him under an “ethical investigation.”

The WFB said several media outlets reported that the discussion was “highly offensive” because physics was “invented and built by men.”

The news site noted further:

Strumia presented two schools of thought on gender and STEM. The M or “mainstream theory” and the C or “conservative theory.” The M theory is the pervasive theory in academia that women are kept out of STEM fields because of “microaggressions” and “male privilege.” The C theory posits that physics is open to everyone, but pushes the limits of the human brain, relying not only on the interest of an aspiring physicist, but in ability. He estimates only one person for every 1,000 have that ability.

Which is the same reason why everyone can’t be a doctor, or a musician, or [fill in the difficult profession here].

It has zero to do with ‘microaggressions’ and/or ‘male privilege’ – two constructs concocted by the Left to attack yet another pillar of civilized society, in this instance, science.

“Both theories have unpleasant implications,” Strumia said. “Usually we don’t care why physicists are not distributed uniformly. But now we have gender conferences.”

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