(National Sentinel) Cover: Support for embattled Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been growing steadily among the American electorate as millions of voters witness the character assassination against him compliments of the deranged [un]Democratic Party.

A survey released by Rasmussen Reports Sept. 28 found that a small majority of voters now support Kavanaugh’s lifetime appointment to the high court, per Breitbart News:

Rasmussen asked voters: “Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of Brett Kavanaugh?”

They report that 48 percent of voters hold a “at least a Somewhat Favorable opinion” Kavanaugh versus 44 percent who hold an unfavorable view.

There is a slightly larger divide between those who have a “Very Favorable” opinion on Kavanaugh, 36 percent, and those who view him “Very Unfavorably,” 30 percent.

Granted, under our form of government we don’t select Supreme Court justices by popular vote. Were that the case, given the fact that more Americans identify as conservative, our courts would be chock full of constitutionalists.

But perhaps knowing that a majority of Americans back Kavanaugh will provide enough political cover for squishy Republicans who are said to be ‘on the fence’ regarding his confirmation after being accused by Christine Blasey Ford and others of sexual assault — all of which are devoid of corroberation by “witnesses” Ford claims were there at the time.

That Kavanaugh wasn’t already seated on the high court as it begins its new session today is a travesty in and of itself. Democrats are to blame for that but so are the few usual Republican suspects who, for reasons known only to them, continue to thwart the president’s MAGA agenda, which includes stocking federal courts with judges and justices who follow and revere the Constitution.

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