(National Sentinel) Off-Message: POTUS Donald Trump on Monday held a press conference to discuss some details about a major 2016 campaign pledge — renegotiating the NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada.

It was an important press event because the deal has just barely been announced and Americans have a lot of questions about what’s in the details and how, exactly, the renegotiated deal will help “Make America Great Again.”

But unfortunately, the times we live in require that the Left-wing hack media be as rotten and disrespectful to our president as they can possibly be, which includes asking asinine and inappropriate questions at precisely the wrong time.

Earlier today, POTUS Trump had his fill of the media when a couple of reporters tried to ask him questions about his Supreme Court pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, leading to some verbal jousting in which the president came out light years ahead.

The first reporter to ask about Kavanaugh was Cecilia Vega from ABC, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Vega: I’m not thinking Mr. President.

Trump: That’s okay, I know you’re not thinking. You never do.

Vega: Excuse me?

Trump: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

Vega: In a tweet this weekend Mr. President you said that you’re limiting the scope of the FBI investigation…

Trump: What does that have to do with trade? I don’t mind answering the question but I’d like to do the trade questions…

Vega: It’s also another headline in the news which is the Kavanaugh situation.

Trump: I know but how about we talk about trade and we’ll get to that.

Then another lib reporter just couldn’t take the hint. Because Kavanaugh.

“Excuse me! Do you have a question on trade?” POTUS responded.

As the reporter continued to push back the president interrupted again, scolding, “Okay, don’t do that – that’s not nice.”

“Excuse me! Don’t do that!” POTUS said to the defiant reporter, wagging his finger.

Eventually, he ignored her question by calling on someone else and asking that her microphone be taken away.

Reporters report; they have a job to do and, being a media outlet, we get that. But there is also such a thing as decorum and appropriateness of the given situation. This was a news conference to discuss the renegotiated NAFTA agreement, not a Q&A about Judge Kavanaugh — as if the lib media hasn’t overplayed that story in the first place.

Watch the pathetic display:

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