(National Sentinel) Truth Bomb: At a raucous campaign event in West Virginia Saturday night in support of Senate candidate Patrick Morrissey, in which thousands waited in line for hours to get into a crowded venue, POTUS Donald Trump fired up supporters with a new nickname for the Democratic Party.

The “party of crime.”

The president’s comments came after a week in which Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee went straight to the gutter in an attempt to destroy his latest Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, over allegations of sexual assault that not even close friends of his accuser, Cristine Blasey Ford, will corroborate.

“The Democrat Party is radical socialism, Venezuela, and open borders. it’s now called, to me, you’ve never heard this before, the party of crime,” Trump told the crowd, to cheers.

“You see this horrible, horrible, radical group of Democrats,” Trump said referring to the allegations against Kavanaugh. “You see the meanness, the nastiness, they don’t care who they hurt, who they have to run over to get power and control.”

POTUS said Republicans will not “give them power” while accusing Democrats of being on a “mission to resist” and destroy. “We’ve seen that over the last four days,” he added.

“On Thursday the American people saw the brilliant and really incredible character” of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump said, citing a poll of West Virginians in which 58 percent say they support Kavanaugh while just 28 percent oppose his nomination.

POTUS added that a vote for Kavanaugh is a vote against “the ruthless and outrageous tactics of the Democrat Party.”

Per Real.video:

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