(National Sentinel) ‘Disgusting’: Conservative talker and author Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News‘ Judge Janine Pirro’s program Saturday night to debate the news of the week with far-Left hack Chris Hahn, and the segment was pure fireworks.

On last night’s show, the ‘news’ was mostly about the Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford hearing on Thursday, as you can imagine. POTUS Donald Trump had tweeted his support for his Supreme Court pick, while the Democrats have been screaming for his removal from consideration.

“I’m being dead serious with you now. This is disgusting. Don’t Laugh! This isn’t funny. Don’t be a smart-ass! No, be quiet. I let you talk… Hey, hey, hey! Pipe down. I let you talk and say your ridiculous absurdities… You have disgraced yourself doing this and throwing yourself in with this disgusting episode this week,” Bongino said.

Hahn responded with a prediction about Kavanaugh’s nomination.

“Don’t you worry. He’s going to get pulled by the end of the week anyway. Don’t you worry. There are other conservatives you can put on the bench…” he interjected.

“Chris, here’s the difference between me and you. I’m not a liar and when I’m wrong or I don’t know I admit it. Just admit you have absolutely no idea when Judge Kavanaugh wrote ‘ralph club’ in his book…” Bongino responded.

“You’re just lying because you want to take an innocent man out because your party right now is evil. They’re not just bad ideas they’re just now bad people. I’m sorry. You’re on the wrong side of the moral arc of history,” he said.


Bongino is spot-on. The Democratic Party is morally bankrupt; to do what they’re doing to Judge Kavanaugh, a man with demonstrable integrity and no history of mistreating women (after six FBI background checks we would have known by now).

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