(National Sentinel) Bomb: Whatever movie mojo Left-wing producer/director Michael Moore had left before the release of his latest film, the anti-Trump “Fahrenheit 11/9,” it’s gone.

After a dismal opening, the film’s box office gross tanked even further, with some viewers posting pics of empty theaters on social media.

The American Mirror reported:

A review of numbers published by Box Office Mojo shows the revenues from Saturday’s peak — the second day of the film’s release — plunged 80 percent just four days later.

On September 22, Fahrenheit 11/9 brought in $1,187,602, according to the movie tracking site.

On Wednesday, September 26, it grossed only $240,718.

One of the handful of people who saw the anti-Trump screed that day posted a sad picture on Twitter of all the empty seats in his theater.

“Finally seeing a (Michael Moore) movie in a theater,” Nate Power of Snow Covered News tweeted.

“Clearly, I was alone in the excitement.”

“I had the theater to myself,” he later posted.

Another moviegoer also posted a pic of an empty theater.

“Thank you for your information and insight,” Annie tweeted to Moore.

“Unfortunately we were the only ones in the theater.”

During one portion of the film, Moore disgustingly insinuates that POTUS Donald Trump had an inappropriate relationship with first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Towards the end, the movie is dedicated to comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. How original, calling POTUS Trump (and by default his supporters) Nazis.

When really, it’s people like Moore and the far-Left Democratic Party he shills for who are the fascists and the Nazis.

Maybe now Moore will skeedaddle to Canada like he promised. But we doubt it.

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