Guess who’s lecturing Brett Kavanaugh about ‘honesty?’ Leaker James Comey

(National SentinelComical: Judge Brett Kavanaugh faced a grueling day-long hearing on Thursday, during which Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats continued to smear his good reputation with inane questions about beer-drinking, his high school yearbook, and other equally nonsensical topics.

Before Kavanaugh testified, Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her decades ago — which he and every ‘witness’ Ford named has denied — told the panel her side of the story.

Following Kavanaugh’s testimony later in the day, some Democrats keyed in on passages from one of his high school yearbooks — things written by a teenage boy that Dems used to try to paint a picture of Kavanaugh the adult several decades removed from those days, an adult with a stellar legal and behavioral record.

To “clear things up,” Democrats repeatedly tried to get Kavanaugh to ‘agree’ to a lengthy FBI probe of all the allegations, to include what was written in the yearbooks, which of course would take weeks or months, effectively killing his nomination.

After repeatedly reminding Democrats that, per the Constitution, it is their job — not the FBI’s — to vet, question, and provide advice and/or consent regarding Supreme Court nominees, one of the bureau’s former directors who was fired in disgrace felt the need to weigh in on the proceedings.

“Small lies matter, even about yearbooks. From the standard jury instruction: ‘If a witness is shown knowingly to have testified falsely about any material matter, you have a right to distrust such witness’ other testimony and you may reject all the testimony of that witness …'” Comey tweeted.

Is he kidding? The man who leaked — probably illegally — documents to the press disparaging the president of the United States? The man who lied to the Justice Department Inspector General about a key case involving Hillary Clinton?


It was one tweet too many for several Twitter users, including investigative journalist Paul Sperry, who fired back, “This from the guy who lied through his teeth to IG Horowitz’s investigators about when he was briefed about the Weiner laptop emails. That’s a felony. Oddly, he was let off the hook, while his deputy faces indictment for the same crime.”

You have to be some kind of tone-deaf to be someone like James Comey and tweet something like that. Kavanaugh has infinitely more integrity and honor than Comey ever had or ever will have.

We just hope enough Republicans (and whichever Democrats have a shred of decency and honest left) confirm this good man to the Supreme Court.


2 Comments on "Guess who’s lecturing Brett Kavanaugh about ‘honesty?’ Leaker James Comey"

  1. I thought this article title was some kind of joke but that sanctimonious snake actually has the nerve to say anything disparaging about Judge Kavanaugh is beyond belief. Comey you really need to end your pathetic deceit filled, existence before they lock you up till the end of your days.

  2. The headline left out a very important word: Liar: The “Leaking Liar” whose hyper-sanctimony is revolting to real and honest people.

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