(National Sentinel) Less Disclosure: For nearly a week lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, have wrangled with the Senate Judiciary Committee over ‘rules’ for her appearance on Thursday, which of course, is tomorrow.

But thus far, lawyers have yet to give the committee two key pieces of evidence: Ford’s polygraph that her own counsel administered, and notes from her 2012 sessions with a therapist, both of which Ford has turned over to the Washington Post.

The Western Journal reports:

On Thursday, Ford and Kavanaugh are both scheduled to appear at a special committee hearing. The hearing was scheduled to give Ford the opportunity to speak about her claims of sexual misconduct during a 1980s party — claims which Kavanaugh has continually rejected.

Attorney Beth Wilkinson, representing Kavanaugh, said that although Ford shared results of a polygraph with The Washington Post when she went public with her story, the results of that test have not been shared with the committee, CBS reported.

Likewise, Wilkinson said notes from the 2012 therapy session which Ford has claimed was the first time she ever discussed the alleged incident have not been forthcoming.

“They announced that there were notes and there had been a lie detector test. But as I understand it, they did not turn any of those over to the Senate committee even though they were requested,” Wilkinson said. “So the information that would have shown what she said at the very first time when she revealed these allegations have not been turned over to the Senate.”

Wilkinson said she understands that information contained in the notes differs from accounts published in the establishment media.

“That’s very important because apparently in those notes, there’s a differing story about how many people were present at the party, there’s no mention of Judge Kavanaugh, and so all that information would be very important to determine whether there’s any corroboration of this allegation,” she said.

The lawyer went onto say that the issue isn’t about whether Kavanaugh drank alcohol before he was legally able to do so; he has admitted as much.

It’s about whether he committed the sexual assault he’s been accused of committing — which he has vehemently denied.

There have been two more Democratic-inspired accusers, none of whom have produced credible corroborating witnesses to what they allege they either saw or heard about what Kavanaugh allegedly did.

And now they’re withholding alleged ‘evidence’ that supposedly proves their claims. Go figure.

Update 9/26 [14:51 CST]: Ford’s lawyers have released her polygraph results to the Judiciary Committee, but are steadfastly refusing to release her “medical records,” claiming they contain private information that “no reasonable person” would consent to release.

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