(National Sentinel) Defend this House: While there’s no reliable evidence that a Democratic “blue wave” will sweep Republicans out of power in the House during the midterms, historically speaking the party in power does lose some seats.

But if you trust certain polling data, Democrats are said to be leading in generic balloting over Republicans — which doesn’t make sense given the fact that in our partisan times, if the Democratic agenda of hate and socialism was a winner nationally, they’d already have control of the House.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons why Republicans must flock to the polls to defend the House in November, and one of them is “Crazy” Maxine Waters.

As The Los Angeles Times reports, if the Democrats take control Waters will become chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee, and already she’s vowed to upset as much of POTUS Donald Trump’s agenda as possible:

Rep. Maxine Waters has tried for months to get a House committee chairman to subpoena documents from Deutsche Bank about Russian money laundering and the finances of President Trump and his family.

If Democrats win the House majority in November, the 14-term Los Angeles lawmaker is almost certain to gain the committee’s gavel. That would give Waters, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, the power to issue those subpoenas along with something more — a high-profile platform to battle the administration.

She’s indicated she’ll do just that. 

In addition, she plans to harass Trump administration officials, and in particular, those working within federal financial oversight such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a virtually unaccountable entity created by the Democrats’ ‘financial reform bill’ passed in 2010 that the Trump administration has been working to neuter.

“We’re going to review any and all requests we have made to the chairman and we’re going to determine what information has unfolded in the investigation by the special counsel… and if there’s a need to go forward, we will,” Waters said, in reference to the patently bogus and improper special counsel probe of ‘Russian collusion’ led by Robert Mueller.

Republicans are certain Waters will zero in on the White House, especially since she’s been shouting “Impeach 45!” for months without any legitimate reason to do so.

Waters “has talked about what she would do and it would be a 24/7 impeachment hearing,” Rep. Bill Huizenga, (R-Mich.), said during a question-and-answer session at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual capital markets summit in April, the Times reported.

And this will just be one committee. Imagine what leaker Adam Schiff, also of California, will do to politicize the House Intelligence Committee as its chairman.

As for Waters, POTUS Trump is onto something. The Times noted further:

She became the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee in 2013 after being cleared by the House Ethics Committee of allegations she improperly helped a bank, in which her husband owned stock, receive bailout money during the financial crisis.

Of course, she was cleared. When was the last time a Democrat was held accountable for anything?

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