(National Sentinel) Majority: The crazier the Democrats become, the more voters are seeking political sanctuary in the GOP, where adults are attempting to govern a superpower while under constant attack and distraction by a political party filled with perpetually angry lunatics who lack a moral compass.

This is evidenced by a new survey from Gallup showing the Republican Party with its highest favorability rating in years — a rating that surpasses Democrats.

“Forty-five percent of Americans now have a favorable view of the Republican Party, a nine-point gain from last September’s 36 percent,” Gallup reported.

“It is the party’s most positive image since it registered 47 percent in January 2011, shortly after taking control of the House in the 2010 midterm elections. Forty-four percent give the Democratic Party a favorable rating,” the polling service noted further in a press release.

Gallup noted further:

The parity in Republicans’ and Democrats’ favorable ratings marks a change from what has generally been the case since Barack Obama’s election as president in November 2008. Republicans have usually been rated less positively than Democrats over this time, with the Republican Party’s favorability rating for the last decade averaging 39%, compared with the Democratic Party’s 44%.

Only one other time in the last decade has the Republican Party had a significantly higher score than the Democratic Party. That one exception came in November 2014, immediately after elections that saw Republicans capture control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House, when 42% rated the GOP favorably and 36% the Democrats.

The increase in Republican favorability received a huge assist from so-called Independents who lean toward the party anyway. “The percentage ore Republicans and leaners” who view the GOP favorably “grew from 67 percent last September to 85 percent now,” Gallup noted.

Meanwhile, Gallup noted, 81 percent of Republican voters view POTUS Donald Trump favorably following historic tax cuts and a booming economy.

“For the Republican Party, less than two months away from an election that could see them lose control of both the House and the Senate, gains in public favorability are a welcome sign. The party has been wallowing in favorable ratings below 40% for most of the last five years after rarely sinking that low in the previous two decades,” Gallup said.

“No matter how much or how little party favorability affects elections, the fact that Republicans are more likely to view their party favorably than a year ago can be considered a positive indicator for the party, particularly if a more positive image boosts Republican turnout.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are putting on a clown show in their attempt to derail a well-respected judge from being seated on the Supreme Court while their voters are tossing manners and decorum to the wind while accosting Republicans and their wives in restaurants.

We’ve said it before: It’s nearly impossible to win in America on a platform of hate and socialism.

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