(National Sentinel) Fake News: Talk show giant and noted constitutional expert Mark Levin dissected a New York Times report on Friday claiming that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein plotted to secretly record POTUS Donald Trump in a bid to get a majority of his Cabinet to oust him from office.

The seeming bombshell report claims that Rosenstein once offered to secretly record POTUS Trump inside the Oval Office while wanting to “recruit” top Trump administration officials to get rid of the president via the 25th Amendment — a majority of Cabinet members voting for removal.

The Times says that Rosenstein shared those plans with “other Justice Department and FBI officials,” who of course gave the paper their details anonymously.

During meetings in July 2017, Rosenstein allegedly made the explosive suggestion to other Justice Department and FBI officials that someone secretly record POTUS. The scheme never materialized, but according to the Times Rosenstein told then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe he thought it would be possible to flip Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, now chief of staff, to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Levin said that sounds suspiciously like a planted story to provoke the president into firing Rosenstein ahead of the midterm elections, creating yet another chaotic episode in the White House and for Republicans seeking reelection. He added that it was likely someone from the Deep State is leaking information from memoranda written by former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who himself was fired in March because he’s a liar (and a leaker).

What’s more, the talk show host and best-selling author said the Times story makes it clearer why Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller when he didn’t have to and should not have done.

“This also tells me why Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel,” Levin said. “He should never have appointed a special counsel, he violated his own department rules, there was no criminal predicate. But he was being pressed by the deputy director of the FBI.’”

Breitbart News reported further:

In addition, Levin cautioned conservatives to consider why the Times — with its record of inaccurate reporting on the Trump administration — would have wanted to expose a threat to Trump. He pointed out several left-wing canards in the article, such as the claim that Trump had asked former FBI director James Comey to end the investigation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Levin suggested that McCabe, or Mueller — or Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weismann — had clear motives to leak the claims about Rosenstein to the Times — claims that were tellingly absent from Lisa Page’s contemporaneous notes about the meetings.

“They have absolutely nothing on the President of the United States. They are trying to push their agenda. They are there for one reason and one reason only — to write the report in hopes of impeaching the president with a Democrat Congress,” Levin reasoned.

“The Special Counsel’s office … would like nothing more than the President of the United States to fire Rosenstein to claim that he is truly obstructing an investigation, trying to influence their investigation, and then write it up as, effectively, as in Watergate, a ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ of sorts.

“In other words, it’s a setup of the president,” Levin concluded, adding: “The president must not fire Rosenstein, certainly not prior to the midterm election. That’s what they want.”

We made the same conclusions on Friday after the story broke and before Levin went on the air:

The Times has spent nearly two years allowing itself to be utilized as a propaganda rag for the Deep State, publishing one false report after another about the president, the “Russian collusion” lie, and various members of the president’s administration.

Why should we believe this report?

Obviously, it paints Rosenstein in a horrible light — one that provides POTUS Trump with plenty of justification to fire him if, in fact, the claims are true. So, either Rosenstein has done something or is preparing to do something the Times and the Deep State don’t approve of, or they’re trying to get POTUS Trump to respond in a way that puts him in an unfavorable light (such as further ‘obstruction’ in the Russia investigation).

The script is always the same for the Trump-hating Lefist Deep State. That’s what makes them so predictable.


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