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Wow! POTUS Trump’s Iran policy gets praise from…The New York Times

(National SentinelSmall Miracle: For most of POTUS Donald Trump’s presidency thus far, The New York Times has committed journalistic malpractice on a regular basis, publishing fake news and outright lying about his policies.

But in what has become the latest proof that small miracles do occur, the paper is actually praising the president’s Iran policy, saying that it is “working” as he intended for it.

“When Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran deal, experts feared it would hurt the economy and leave Iran free to restart its nuclear program. But, so far, the policy has been effective without either of those consequences,” the paper tweeted Thursday.

The article noted there were two primary concerns when Trump announced a withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

“If Mr. Trump’s approach worked too well, oil prices would spike and hurt the American economy. If it failed, international companies would continue trading with Iran, leaving the Islamic Republic unscathed, defiant and free to restart its nuclear program,” the Times said.

The piece went onto say that “the policy has been effective without either of those nasty consequences, at least so far.” Therefore, “so far” POTUS Trump was right.

While oil prices have gone up some, gasoline prices have remained relatively stable, so American consumers haven’t taken a hit there, per se.

As reported by CNBC, French energy giant Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne said, “Large energy companies cannot risk doing business in Iran in light of U.S. sanctions on the country.”

“There’s not a single international company like Total who can work in any country with secondary sanctions. I don’t have the right. It’s just the reality of the world. The reality is that the capital of the world today is in the hands of the U.S.,” he added.

Any doubt that POTUS Trump and his economic advisers were all well aware of this when the sanctions were imposed and the U.S. left the Iran deal?

There shouldn’t be. Trump knows what he’s doing, and it was refreshing to see some acknowledgment of that in a newspaper that has been so monumentally wrong about him and his administration in the past.



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