(National Sentinel) Enemies from Within: The latest series of undercover videos from James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a) a Deep State does indeed exist; and b) federal employment reforms should be a congressional priority moving forward.

In the third video of his emerging series, O’Keefe’s undercover journalists talk to Government Accountability Office employee Natarajan Subramanian, a self-proclaimed Communist actively engaged in potentially illegal political activity.

A government auditor for the GAO and a member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America, Subramanian is just one of what appears to be a sizeable ‘network’ of fellow DSA members who have infiltrated government with the sole purpose of enacting their Marxist-Left agenda.

And the worst part is, most do with with the knowledge that it is virtually impossible to be fired.

In the video, Subramanian proudly proclaims, “I break rules every day,” and that his primary objective is to do whatever he can to slow-walk or even stop POTUS Trump’s agenda.

Project Veritas, on its website, noted:

Metro DC DSA is a socialist group that works to advance progressive issues in the Metropolitan DC area. Subramanian’s political activism may directly violate federal statutes as well as the “Yellow Book” rules which apply specifically to government auditors.

Subramanian says that Federal employees in executive branch agencies can deliberately work less efficiently in order to slow down the implementation of the President’s agenda.

“If you’re in [an] executive branch agency you can slow ball things to a degree, that it’s like ineffective, and maybe you get in trouble, or maybe you get fired or resign or whatever, but you slowed [Trump’s agenda] down for a certain period of time,” said the GAO communist.

In June 2018, during Metro DC DSA’s highly publicized confrontation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Subramanian admitted he secretly spent the majority of his government workday “…doing social media” for Metro DC DSA.

“No one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA,” he says in the video.

Though some of his coworkers at GAO know that he’s a member of Metro DC DSA, Subramanian claims his superiors are unaware, “Management does not know. You have to be strategic about things like this.”

And he added: “We have a bunch of just communists, like no prefix, and that’s basically me. We [also] have some folks who are Trotskyists or Leninists.” Some even have Top Secret clearances, Subramanian said.

Understand that these seditious people are working for a government founded as a constitutional republic, which is 180 degrees opposite of the authoritarian political philosophy they align with.

“I would get fired if they knew that I was [engaging in DSA activity at work,] and I do. I do it on my phone,” Subramanian admits.

But would he? Other federal workers caught on camera by O’Keefe’s undercover journalists have proudly stated that it’s ‘nearly impossible’ for them to be fired from their jobs. And that’s a huge problem.

As for Subramanian, he said he was purposefully vague on his mandatory disclosure forms about what kind of government he and his fellow DSA communists prefer.

“I have informed them, I filed all the paperwork I needed to file, I was purposely a little bit vague about what kind of organization [Metro DC DSA] is…  I wasn’t like [I said], it’s a socialist organization and we want to destroy capitalists,” he says in the video.

Project Veritas noted further:

Subramanian misleadingly disclosed on the form that he only spends “0-10 [hours] / week” working or volunteering for Metro DC DSA, but describes his activism as “…kind of like a second job.” He goes on to say that realistically he spends, “…probably like 20 hours, 10-20 hours… depending on the week,” doing Metro DC DSA work.

Some good news: As O’Keefe’s reports send shockwaves throughout the conservative media, they are garnering the attention of Trump administration officials and Cabinet members who are vowing to take action.


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