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GOP has out-raised DNC by a MASSIVE 2-1 margin

(National SentinelRed Wave: For months Americans have been told by the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media that a blue wave will wash over Washington in November, sweeping Republicans out of power in the House and even the Senate.

Democratic voter enthusiasm is at record highs, we’re told, as millions animated by Trump Derangement Syndrome are champing at the bit to go vote during the midterms.

Well, if that’s true, the alleged Democratic enthusiasm isn’t translating into campaign donations.

In fact, if campaign donations are a gauge of voter enthusiasm at all, then Republican voters are super-enthused about casting their ballot this fall.

As reported by The Hill, Republicans have raised $250 million dollars since January, outpacing Democrats by more than a 2-1 margin:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has raised more than $250 million this cycle, hitting another fundraising record with less than two months to go until the pivotal midterm elections.

An RNC official told The Hill that the committee will report $16.4 million raised in August, which is the RNC’s largest monthly haul of the cycle. That brings the national party’s total fundraising to $252 million as of Wednesday.

The RNC ends the month of August with nearly $42 million in the bank, surpassing how much the national party had on hand at this point in the 2016 presidential cycle.


The RNC has repeatedly outraised the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which has yet to release its August numbers. The GOP committee has outpaced its Democratic counterpart for 16 consecutive months.

The DNC has raised about $116 million from January 2017 until July 2018, and ended that month with $7.8 million in the bank.

GOP officials say the party has 540 paid staffers working in 28 states, with 38 million voter contacts in a largely data-driven field operation. The RNC will spend a massive $250 million on the midterms.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump and his successful agenda is fueling our record-breaking fundraising and energizing our grassroots supporters,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to The Hill.

“With less than 50 days until the midterm elections we have built the largest ground game ever, and we are ready to defy history on November 6th.”

Red wave, anyone?

Don’t let Democratic propaganda, otherwise known as the mainstream media, make you believe your vote won’t matter because ‘the Democrats are so far ahead’ like they tried to do during the 2016 election.

Go vote, and be a part of keeping the GOP majorities in the House and Senate. Our president needs us more than ever.



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