(National Sentinel) Frank Talk: Plain-talking veteran radio host Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU, joined another talk host, Glenn Beck, on Wednesday to discuss political issues facing the country — issues that don’t seem to have any solutions given the rancorous, vitriolic relationship between Democrats and Republicans.

“I think that the crisis in America is the greatest in my lifetime and the greatest since the actual Civil War,” Prager told Beck, noting further that he’s never been one to inflate the situation just for ratings’ sake.

“I never engage in hyperbole. I may, like anyone, be wrong. But I took a vow 35 years ago when I started radio, that … I [would] try to tell the truth,” he said, The Blaze reported.

“And I’ve never been accused of a lie, I’m proud to tell you. I’ve been called every word, but not liar. And I took another vow, don’t even exaggerate, because it works for about a year,” he continued.

“But gradually people understand, ‘He doesn’t really mean that. He’s just overstating the case. So, I am not overstating when I say we are in a civil war in the United States.”

He also went on to lament the despicable state of our culture thanks to the insanity of the Left.

There is a massive “gap between the Left and the rest of the country,” he said, citing the example of the now “normative” practice in public schools of never referring to children by their correct gender — “boys or girls” — because the Left says it is wrong to ‘impose a gender identity.’

“That is sick to the point of child abuse,” he said. “We are watching crazy people take our country.”

He’s not the only one who thinks the state of political disagreement in America is reaching the point of armed conflict.

In June, we reported on the results of a survey which found one in three Americans believe a second civil war is in the offing.

As noted by Rasmussen Reports:

Most voters fear that political violence is coming from opponents of the president’s policies, just as they did in the second year of Barack Obama’s presidency, and nearly one-in-three think a civil war is next.

And let’s not forget that Left-wing Democrats, exasperated with being out of power, are doing all they can to dog-whistle to their increasingly unhinged supporters that violence is the best way forward when it comes to regaining power.


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