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Stupid: Feds spend $1 million to train ‘social justice’ math teachers

(National Sentinel) Lunacy: The federal government has spent in excess of a million dollars to train “social justice math teachers in Philadelphia, and if the reason for the expenditure isn’t goofy enough, the program — administered via the National Science Foundation — only involves two dozen educators.

The project, via Drexel University, aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in high school curriculums that are “steeped in the context of social justice,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The site added:

The project, which began this summer, is recruiting 24 Drexel students earning a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, which they will train to teach in school districts in Philadelphia.

“The project will use recent scientific, mathematical, and educational knowledge to prepare and support the twenty-four pre-service teacher candidates with an emphasis on understanding the culture and life experiences of students in high-need schools,” according to the grant for the study.

The stated goal of the study is to “promote social justice teaching.”

“The project intends to promote social justice teaching, which emphasizes connecting science, mathematics, and engineering instruction to students’ personal experiences and culture,” the grant explains. “This connection can leverage the funds of knowledge that each student brings to learning.”

All told, the program costs taxpayers $1,009,762 and will run through May 2023.

The study will also involve a mentorship program for teaching candidates about mindfulness meditation so they can develop “emotional intelligence.”

“Inquiry-based instruction supports this approach as it opens communication among students by establishing a learning community of shared knowledge and experience,” the grant states.

“Seminars related to mindfulness and developing emotional intelligence will augment the Scholars’ coursework. The latter will be scaffolded to develop the following behaviors: professionalism, growth mindset, commitment to serving all students well, and cultural competency.”

Experts in these fields have said for years the U.S. lacks decent instruction in the STEM sectors. Now we know why: ‘Social justice,’ whatever that’s supposed to mean on a given day, is more important than actually instructing students in the sciences, technology, and math.

Since when did long-known engineering principles, scientific facts, and mathematical equations become subjective things relative to Left-wing political thought?



2 Comments on Stupid: Feds spend $1 million to train ‘social justice’ math teachers

  1. Wow…even if they WEREN’T committing the TRAVESTY of using taxpayer dollars on this absurdity…but even if it were privately funded it’s worse than asinine.

  2. Derrick Tyson // September 18, 2021 at 5:43 pm // Reply

    “Almost all education has a political motive. It aims at strengthening some group, national or religious or even social, in the competition with other groups. It is this motive, in the main, which determines the subjects taught, the knowledge offered and the knowledge withheld, and also decided what mental habits the pupils are expected to acquire. Hardly anything is done to foster the inward growth of mind and spirit; in fact, those who have had most education are very often atrophied in their mental and spiritual life.”

    -Bertrand Russell

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