(National Sentinel) Pocketbook Issue: Speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit in California last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi essentially renewed Democrats’ and the former Obama administration’s war on coal by praising a new anti-coal initiative being pushed by rich liberals.

“Under President Obama, we went on to pass the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House. But we were stopped in the Senate by the coal industry,” Pelosi said, as reported by NKT Network.

“For this and other reasons, I’m so grateful to Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Beyond Coal’ initiative working with the Sierra Club. It is so essential.”

As The Western Journal noted:

On its website, “Beyond Coal” says it wants to “replace dirty coal with clean energy by mobilizing grassroots activists in local communities to advocate for the retirement of old and outdated coal plants and to prevent new coal plants from being built.” Among its objectives is to shutter a third of the nation’s coal plants by 2020.

In an interview with the far-Left New Yorker Magazine, billionaire Bloomberg said, “Coal will go away in any place where there’s a free market, for sure, because the market just forces that, the economics force it.

“It does not help that our federal government is opposed to some rational things and is putting out some of the drivel that they do.”

That “drivel” being put out by the Trump administration just happens to be what real advocacy for the free market looks like.

Coal plants — the coal industry in general — have been faced with massive regulations in the past aimed at one thing: Getting rid of them. Just to build a new plant takes years when you factor in the wall of legal challenges from wacko environmental groups who pretend like cattle farts and SUVs — and some coal exhaust — are destroying the planet.

And all of that comes before a single square foot of ground is broken to actually build the plant.

All of this comes at a huge price for consumers. The amount of money factored into building new plants comes out the back end in the form of higher electric prices for customers.

What’s more, this notion of closing one-third of all coal-fired plants in two years is utter madness. According to the Energy Department’s Energy Information Agency, more than 63 percent of electricity generated in the U.S. in 2017 came from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other related products).

Natural gas made up 31.7 percent of production; coal came in a close second at 30.1 percent.

If you knock out one-third of coal-produced electricity, not only are you going to put coal miners out of work — again — but the price of electricity would skyrocket because there would be less of it.

What’s going to make up the difference, Mr. Bloomberg? Ms. Pelosi?

Wind farms? “Solar?” Football fields full of people riding exercise bikes?

Currently, according to the EIA, wind-generated electricity comprises a paltry 6 percent of electricity generation. Solar power is even less; it clocked in at just 1.3 percent of power generation in 2020.

Given the litigation-happy nature of our society, there is no way to build enough wind and solar farms between now and 2020 to make up for the closure of so many coal plants.

That leaves no good choices for regular Joes and Janes in working-class America: Much higher prices for electricity OR a lack of electricity (brownouts) because demand isn’t going to go away when coal-fired plants do.

These market realities don’t matter much to millionaire and billionaire liberals who don’t have to worry about brownouts or paying higher electricity prices.

But they matter to the tens of millions of Americans who don’t have the luxury of wealth to cushion against these idiot virtue-signaling liberals who couldn’t care less who they hurt in the pursuit of the hoax known as global warming.

POTUS Trump and GOP lawmakers have reduced undo regulatory burdens placed on our energy sector by decades of Leftist administrations using garbage “science” to justify their actions. As such, our energy sector is now booming again and the sky is the limit.

The last thing the country — and our economy — need is more Pelosi’s and Bloomberg’s imposing billions more in costs on average American earners.


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