(National Sentinel) Division: Much in the way the Republican Party was splintered by the Tea Party faction in 2010, the Democratic Party is now undergoing its own internal convulsion: Socialists are winning enough elections to shake party leadership.

Another Democratic Socialist candidate won a tough primary race in New York City this week against an 11-term state senator, The Blaze reports:

In yet another sign of the ideological dispute within the Democratic party, a socialist candidate defeated a long-time Democrat incumbent in the primary for a New York senate seat.

Julia Salazar, a Democratic Socialist candidate, defied critics to defeat 16-year incumbent New York State Senator Marty Dilan. Dilan, who is 67 years old, was running for the 13th term in office.

“This was a brutal race, they knew we were a threat to the concentration of wealth and power in this state,” Salazar said in her victory speech. “This is a victory for the oppressed!”

‘The oppressed.’ Why do socialists always use that term — right before they begin oppressing political opponents?

“Tonight’s victory is not about me,” tweeted Salazar after her victory. “Tonight’s victory is about New Yorkers coming together and choosing to fight against rising rents and homelessness in our communities.”


She faced controversy early on but obviously overcame it. She was outed for once being a pro-life voice (something she now says she regrets) and for claiming to be a poor immigrant growing up (though she was born in Florida and benefitted from a trust fund — a ‘mistake’ she blamed on her staff).

Like fellow DSA member Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who beat a long-serving incumbent Democratic congressman earlier this year for a U.S. House seat, Salazar is likely to face a lot of blowback from the Democratic establishment.

But like the GOP establishment years ago could not stop the force of the Tea Party, the Democratic hierarchy won’t stop the Leftists from storming the gates, either.


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